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Sports bra

The right sports bra is essential when You work exercise. A sports bra should provide optimal support, while sitting comfortably and allow freedom of movement. But it's not just for form's sake you should invest in a good sports bra. The bust is made up of ligaments, which means that they can be stretched, and when a ligament has been stretched, they can never regain its original shape. This is an important reason to use a good sports bra, regardless of your bust size.  If You don’t keep your bust in place with a good sports bra during exercise, you can also get a sore back, neck and shoulders.

PLAIN Black  Sports bra
Gavelo PLAIN Black sports bra

Stylish sports bra with medium support. Designed for full freedom...
399 kr
PLAIN Blue Suede  Sportsbra
Gavelo PLAIN Blue suede sports bra

Stylish sports bra with medium support. Designed for full fr...
399 kr
PLAIN Pale dove  Sports bra
Gavelo PLAIN Pale dove sports bra

Stylish sports bra with medium support. Designed for full fre...
399 kr
GLNCHCK Sports bra
Gavelo GLNCHCK sports braStylish sports bra with medium to high support. Designed for full freedom...
399 kr
Eclipse Tawny port red Sports bra
Eclipse Tawny port red sports bra  The grunge design ar awsome and why not be extra neat...
399 kr
Raspberry Swirl sports bra
Gavelo Raspberry Swirl Sports Bra

Pink top with white edge stitches and thin white shoulder str...
399 kr
Liquorice sports bra
Gavelo Liquorice Sports bra Women

Strong and full of taste!

Gavelo Liquorice sports...
399 kr
Eclipse Black Sports bra
Eclipse black Sports bra  Even in the dark, everything is still there, every little detail. Y...
399 kr
Eclipse Blue sports bra
Eclipse blue sports bra  This design are awesome and why not be extra neat - and we...
399 kr
Pacific Breeze sports bra
Gavelo Pacific Breeze sports bra

Blue fabric with white edge stitches and white stripes, that f...
399 kr
Gavelo Marblelicious sport bra
Gavelo Marblelicious Sports Bra. 

Marble pattern in gray on white fabric. Gavelo logo...
399 kr
Sandstorm Sports bra
Gavelo Sandstorm Sports Bra - put it on and get ready to be a fighter!

Medium- high support. Th...
399 kr
Giraffe Sports bra
Gavelo Giraffe Sports Bra 

Aim hight, reach for the sky. 
Beyond your...
299 kr (399 kr)
Cacao Sports bra
Varm colours, hot design!Gavelo Cacao sports bra. Brown base with brown/beige/pink pattern. Gavelo...
299 kr (399 kr)
STiiL Sports bra
Gavelo STiiL Sports Bra – Sporty yet stylish!

Medium support. The racerback design allows...
299 kr (399 kr)
Flower-ish Sports Bra
Gavelo Flower-ish Sports Bra – gives you the strenght to grow!

Medium- high support. The ...
399 kr
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